A name has been declared!
Now how do we spell it? (grin)

It's been quite the week. I had no idea that taking care of two young boys would nearly kill me and add more gray to my hair as well. It took a week to figure out the name, at least for me, Mom knew, and apparently the baby knew too, as she smiled when she was asked.

Now how do we spell it? Is it Journi or is it Journey.

We also add a few of the pictures we took during her first week, although I would have thought we had more. Baby's First Week Photos

We had a baby in our tub!

We have quite the tale to tell when it comes to this precious child. It turns out that 9 months after my Alaskan Adventure the stork decided NOT to deliver the baby, and required us to do a little emergency frontiering ourselves... as we got/had to welcome our baby girl into the world from our very own tub.

It's just too awesome! If my "Man Trip" to Alaska was the trip of a lifetime, then how much finer was helping my wife deliver our baby in our home... We were not prepared for it, we were actually collecting our bags for the trip to the hospital, when life threw us a curve. Now that we made it and have her in our arms, we sure are thankful!

What's her name? We were both thinking "Poppy" but now we are also thinking "Journey" because of the advenutre and it was the name that popped in our heads as she entered the world.

Born on April 25th, 2009 at 12:12pm

Weighing 8.6oz (Thanks to our Wii Fit Board)

20 1/2" Long (Thanks to a kids measuring tape)

It's A Girl!

The player will show in this paragraph

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